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Justice for Chandra Levy and missing women
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Chandra Levy: Five years later
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PostPosted: Fri May 02, 2008 4:57 pm    Post subject: Re: Inclusion of the above-mentioned article on this thead Reply with quote

I accidentally posted the above-mentioned link on this thread. It was meant for the Levy-Palfrey thread, instead. Since Rod Wheeler was very close to the Levy investigation and made a comment on Foxnews a while back about the possible connection of the Levy murderer to the Palfrey client list, I thought it would be interesting to know what his feelings are about the Palfrey suicide. I also would be very interested to know if he found confirmation of Levy-murderer connection theroy in her phone records.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 12:00 am    Post subject: Number 1 read story this week Reply with quote


Listed were the top ten most read true crime stories this week.

Chandra's was Number 1's ( if they are listed that way ). People are still interested.

Just happened to stumble upon this.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 12:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That is very interesting, goz. The Cold Case Investigative Research Institute story on CNN is what sparked that, but I had no idea that it generated that much interest.

That's some results from the cold case investigation already.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:27 am    Post subject: Anderson Cooper Story on Chandra and Jonbenet Reply with quote

Aired March 16, 2006 on CNN
Anderson Cooper 360

COOPER: Well, coming up, they are two of most covered murder cases ever.

JonBenet Ramsey, the child beauty queen who was killed nearly a decade ago, if you can

imagine. Are police any closer to solving the crime? We're going to look at that.

And Chandra Levy, the former Washington intern. Her body found in a park.

Tonight, a look at both unsolved murders, when 360 continues.


COOPER: Well, here in New York, the murder of a graduate student, named Imette St. Guillen,

has attracted worldwide attention.

Police arrested a bouncer in connection with the crime, and a grand jury may hand up

indictments as early as tomorrow.

In recent years, on average, about 16,000 Americans were murdered. And according to the

FBI, more than 35 percent of those murders go unsolved -- 35 percent. Nearly all of them go

unnoticed by the media. But a few stand out, of course.

And tonight we're going to take a look at two murder mysteries that all of us will

remember. We're also going to update you on where the investigations stand now.

We begin in Boulder, Colorado, and the case of JonBenet Ramsey.


JONBENET RAMSEY: I want to be a cowboy's sweetheart.

COOPER (voice-over): They are images frozen in time. A child beauty queen, 6 years old,

performing on a stage. We know her name, but we never knew her -- not in life, that is.

On the day after Christmas 1996, the body of JonBenet Ramsey was found in the basement of

her family's home in Boulder, Colorado. The killer beat her, strangled her and left a

handwritten ransom note. It was the city's only murder of the year.

The killing of JonBenet Ramsey instantly became the focus of the nation. JonBenet's

parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, said an intruder murdered their daughter. And in an

interview with CNN, urged parents to be careful. PATSY RAMSEY, MOTHER OF JONBENET: If I

were a resident of Boulder, I would tell my friends to keep -- keep your babies close to

you. There's someone out there.

COOPER: But the police and much of the media were turning their attention back to the


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They do remain under an umbrella of suspicion, but we're not ready to

name any suspects.

COOPER: Even after a grand jury failed to indict the Ramseys, to many they remained objects

of suspicion.

In 2000, on "LARRY KING LIVE," Steve Thomas, former Boulder police detective, confronted

John and Patsy about the murder.

STEVE THOMAS, FORMER BOULDER POLICE DETECTIVE: I felt that Patsy was involved in this

death, in this tragedy. And I felt it had become such a debunkle and was going nowhere. Out

of frustration, I left the case and police work.

LARRY KING, HOST, LARRY KING LIVE: John, why did you agree to come on with Steve tonight? I

mean this is rather historic. I'm trying to remember if there's ever been television like


JOHN RAMSEY: This man, as a police officer, has called my wife a murderer. He has called me

a complicity to murder. He has call immediate a liar. He has slandered my relationship with

my daughter, Patsy's relationship with JonBenet.

COOPER: Thomas wrote a book, claiming the Ramseys were involved in their child's murder. In

2001, the Ramseys sued, and a year later settled out of court.

About the same time, John and Patsy wrote a book, telling their side the story, that a

predator hid in the house and after attempting to kidnap JonBenet, murdered her.

Then in 2003, the Boulder police ended its investigation and handed it over to the D.A.'s

office. The district attorney vowed to reopen the case, but refused to eliminate the

Ramseys as possible suspects.

Just a month later, however, the D.A. changed her mind. A judge ruled in a civil case that

an intruder most likely killed JonBenet, and the prosecutor agreed. Finally lifting the

cloud of suspicious over the parents.

Tonight, nearly a decade after the crime, where does the investigation stand? This week, we

called the Boulder County D.A.'s Office for an update.

In a statement, the chief investigator told us, "The JonBenet Ramsey case is still open. We

are still receiving phone calls, e- mails and letters and evaluating all tips that come

in." As for John and Patsy Ramsey, originally from Georgia, they now live in Michigan, but

recently returned to Boulder, where "The Rocky Mountain News Post" reports they met with

the D.A. They continue to believe DNA evidence will one day bring the killer to justice.

And JonBenet Ramsey, she rests in peace in a Georgia cemetery. If she were alive today, she

would be 15 years old.


COOPER (on camera): So strange to think of that, her as 15.

From the unsolved murder of JonBenet Ramsey, to the haunting case of this young woman. Do

you remember Chandra Levy of Washington? Her killer has not been found either.

And we'll talk to a noted criminologist about why so many murders go unsolved, even in this

age of DNA evidence and crime lab working, when 360 continues.


COOPER: We continue our look now at unsolved murders. There was a time a few years ago,

when the name Chandra Levy was on everyone's list. Now some of you probably need to be

reminded who she was and what happened to her.

CNN's Joe Johns reports.


JOE JOHNS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): She was a driven, bright-eyed 24-year-old

intern, one of thousands who flocked to Washington when semesters change. A little dazzled

by the power of this place. A little giddy with her own sense of possibility. Chandra Levy

came here in September of 2000, interning at the Federal Department of Prisons, dreaming of

a job with the FBI.

When spring arrived, she packed her suitcase for a trip back home to Modesto, California.

She never got on the plane.

On May 1st, 2001, Chandra Levy disappeared into thin air.

ROBERT LEVY, CHANDRA LEVY'S FATHER: My precious daughter. I just want her back. I just want

her back alive.

JOHNS: For days the story of the missing intern was buried in the local paper. Another lost

soul in the big city. But behind the headlines, Washington was whispering. Chandra Levy had

a secret -- Gary Condit, the congressman representing Chandra's hometown of Modesto,


According to Levy's relatives, the 53-year-old married lawmaker and the 24-year-old intern

were having an illicit affair. Chandra, relatives claimed, had said so herself.


JOHNS: Robert and Susan Levy were desperate to find their daughter, setting up a website

for tips, begging the congressman for information.

S. LEVY: I don't feel that he's been very truthful to me.

JOHNS: The public agreed. By August, polls showed more than two-thirds of the country

believed Gary Condit was at least somewhat involved in Chandra Levy's disappearance.

Under questioning, police say Condit admitted to the affair, but that's all.

CHIEF CHARLES RAMSEY, WASHINGTON, D.C., POLICE: We have nothing at this time to connect him

with the disappearance of Chandra Levy.

JOHNS: In public, Condit insisted that he and Levy were nothing more than good friends.

GARY CONDIT, FORMER CONGRESSMAN: I had nothing to do with her disappearance.

JOHNS: And then summer ended. September 11th wiped Chandra Levy's story from the headlines

until spring returned and a man hunting for turtles in Washington's Rock Creek Park, came

across some bones.

RAMSEY: We do not know the identity of the person that we found.

JOHNS: Private Investigators Dwayne Stanton and Joe McCann (ph), both former homicide

detectives, were hired by the Levys to help find their daughter.

DWAYNE STANTON, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR: And they're sitting by the phone, waiting to hear

something one way or the other.

JOHNS: When the news came, it was the worst.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Remains recovered last week in Rock Creek Park were positively

identified by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner as those of Chandra Ann Levy.

JOHNS: Today, Stanton and McCann took me back to the place where Chandra Levy's body was


JOE MCCANN (ph), PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR: A lot that happened that day is still a mystery.

Otherwise, we would know how she got here. And who brought her here.

JOHNS: For all we know about Chandra Levy, we know next to nothing about how she died. The

last time she was seen was at the gym, canceling her membership the day before her

disappearance. After that, nothing.

There have never been official suspects in the case. For a time, police were questioning

this man, Ingmar Guandeque, convicted of attacking two women in the park within weeks of

Levy's disappearance. He denied involvement in Chandra's murder.

MCCANN: You know, it's coming up on five years. That's a long time...

STANTON: It's a long time.

MCCANN: ... for a case. You always hear people say that, you know, you try to close a

murder case in the first 24 hours. We're talking five years.

JOHNS: You think this thing's ever going to be solved?

STANTON: Somebody knows. Someone has some information that can bring this case to a

closure. And just like we always said, if that person would step forward and share that

information, I think this case would be closed.

JOHNS: Until then, the death of Chandra Levy will remain yet another Washington mystery.

Joe Johns, CNN, Washington.


COOPER: Well, DNA, CSI, every high-tech tool imaginable, and still one out of three killers

is getting away with murder.

We'll tell you why, but first Erica Hill, from "HEADLINE NEWS," joins us with some of the

business stories we're following -- Erica.
"Strictly speaking, all is equally inexplicable"
P.D. Ouspensky 1943 from A New Model of the Universe
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Here are the ex-D.C. Detective guys still working on the case.

Dwayne A. Stanton

Retired Detective, Washington D.C. Police Department (M.P.D)
President & Director
Progressive Security Consultants, LLC

Dwayne Has served his community in many ways throughout his career. Among his accomplishments, Dwayne served as a Homicide Detective for over 15 years as well as holding the position of Training Director for the Washington D.C. Police Department's (M.P.D) Criminal Investigations division.

Dwayne is a veteran of the United States Army where he honorably served our country with pride. He holds a wealth of knowledge in his field and has subsequently been called upon by high-profile attorneys and celebrities due to his unrelenting commitment to service and his unparalleled expertise.

Many years of real world experience, training and education account for the multifarious successes Dwayne has had throughout his career. As President and Director of Progressive Security Consultants, Dwayne puts his expertise to work for each and every client he serves. Managing a team of consulting and security professionals while also working in the field himself keeps Dwayne's mind sharp and his skills up-to-date.

Joseph (J.T.) McCann

Joseph McCann has 30 years of Federal and local law Enforcement experience. As a law enforcement officer he has worked in many areas of the field including Homicide, Public Integrity, the Drug Enforcement Administration task force and the Federal Bureau of Investigation task Force.

Joseph presently holds credentials with the Defense Security Service, Department of Defense, United States Postal Service, Office of Personnel Management, the United States Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, GAO, as well as several other inteligence agencies.

Joseph has extensive supervisory and investigative experience in the field of public corruption, money laundering, asset search, continuing criminal enterprise investigations, surveilance and executive protection.

Joseph also holds the position of Special Investigator in the Office of Diplomatic Security for the United States Department of State.

Michael William Savage

Retired Lt. Colonel
United States Army

Mike Savage is retired from the United States Army and has over 30 years of leadership experience as a military officer in critical and politically sensitive positions as well as in the private sector.

Mike served in Panama, El Salvador and also served as the Defense Attaché Officer while stationed in Columbia. While stationed in Panama, Mike was responsible for security for all United States Army installations in the country. He also planned and executed the conversion of the military police forces of General Noriega to a civilian public security force including the establishment of a police academy.

Presently, Mike is the Founder and President of Expertos VSA. This company was the first of it's kind to be opened in Central America. They now operate in 9 countries. He serves as an advisor to the Guatemalan Attorney General, and routinely conducts security assessments of homes and offices of private companies.

Mike is bilingual and is a former Adjunct Professor at Florida Atlantic University where he taught Spanish and Latin America Culture to American students. Adding to his teaching experience, Mike also taught English to International students while on staff at FAU.

Rod Wheeler

"Washington DC's All Star Homicide Detective" and "No Stranger to the Community" are just two of the many ways Criminal Investigator and Crime Analyst Rod Wheeler has been described throughout his career.

With a BA degree in Criminology/Criminal Justice from The Ohio State University and a Key Executive Masters Degree in Administration from American University in Washington D.C., Rod has remained active around the United States speaking to several organizations on crime related issues as well as advising and consulting on many major high-profile cases of national interest such as the Sniper Shootings in Washington D.C., the Chandra Levy missing person case, the Kobe Bryant investigation, the Michael Jackson Case, as well as several other major cases. Rod has also completed high level training in Terrorism Identification and Response and Workplace Violence from the esteemed Brookings Institute in Washington D.C.

As the principle owner of Capitol Investigations (Rod007.com), Rod insures that he employs only the nations top law enforcement investigators who are trained in all aspects of criminal and civil case investigation, forensic investigation, interrogation and interview investigation, as well as various other types of investigation.

E. Gary Baker, Ph.D.

Principal, The Baker Group International

E. Gary Baker has over 30 years of professional corporate security consulting, labor/fraud investigative and instructor experience with advanced academic credentials in counseling, business and ethics. He is qualified as "Expert Legal Witness" in truth verification testing, physical security and labor disputes, and is a legal investigator.

Gary Baker is a certified polygraph examiner and Voice Stress Analyst, and has been conducting truth verification examinations since 1974.

Further, Mr. Baker has developed an international private investigative and protective services firm with over 500 employees in the United States, Central America, and Europe. He has owned and directed affiliate firms in Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Sri Lanka.

Mr. Baker owns a plethora of other security and law enforcement credentials worldwide.

Herman H. Johnson

Herman has served in many capacities throughout his impressive career. Among the positions Herman has occupied are Private Investigator and Screener for the Cochran Law Firm, Family Advocate for the Med Atlantic Health Organization, Special Consultant to the Metropolitain Police Department's Chief of Police, Detective and Narcotics Officer to name a few.

Herman is a United States military veteran who served our country honorably. His lengthy list of achievements compliment his equally extensive set of skills which is evident by the pride he takes in the work done for every client of Progressive Security Consultants, LLC.

A professional through and through. Herman's dedication to service is apparent in every task he's given and he's proud to work with the equally dedicated and service-minded professionals of Progressive Security Consultants, LLC.
Copyright © 2008 Progressive Security Consultants | Web site by Jay Adkins.
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 10, 2009 10:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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