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Chapter 7. Big News

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2005 11:14 am    Post subject: Chapter 7. Big News Reply with quote

available from Amazon.com:

Murder On A Horse Trail: The Disappearance of Chandra Levy
by Ralph Daugherty
ISBN: 0-595-31847-9

Murder on a Horse Trail: The Disappearance of Chandra Levy also available free to read online here on www.justiceforchandra.com
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 8:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Big News

As Chandra talked to Sven in March and April about getting her guy to make a commitment to her, to keep his promise, she was spending more and more time at Condit's condo. One neighbor was quoted in the New York Daily News: "When they came to change the [air conditioning] filters, I asked if Chandra had moved out," said a woman who lives in an adjacent apartment. "I hadn't seen her for so long." However, another neighbor who hadn't seen Chandra for most of March and April noticed hearing her inside her apartment the last week of April, the week after losing her internship. Was she just more noticeable around the Newport now that she was not at work all day, or was there another change, something even more substantial than losing her internship at work here?

Anne Marie had also noticed a change earlier, at the end of March, signs of another female in Condit's condo apartment. She found long brown hairs on the floors of both of Condit's bathrooms. She told Rita Cosby of Fox News:

I found some hairs in his bathrooms. And you know
how girls are; I was very suspicious and I asked
him, like, "Whose hairs are these?" And he said,
"Well, they're yours." And I said, "No, they're not.
They're way too long for me." They're not my hairs
and they were like long brown hairs. And I think
that was, kind of, the end of the discussion. He
kind of just brushed it off, like, "Oh, they're
yours." [1]

She saw some female toiletries that Susan Levy later identified as the kind of toiletries that Chandra used. And strangely, Condit forbid Anne Marie to use the bedroom closet. She was told to use the hall closet. Her lawyer Jim Robinson related to Paula Zahn for The Edge what she said:

Well, I usually hung up my coat in his closet in the
bedroom. And the last time I was there, he didn't
want me going near that closet. I had to hang up all
my clothes in the hall closet by the front door. [2]

She was too jet lagged to question why, but questions started forming in her mind the next morning when she noticed a newly opened bottle of massage oil and "neckties tied together that were tied to the feet of the bed and shoved underneath the bed. They looked like they'd been there awhile" and used as restraints during sex. [3] She told Hannity & Colmes of Fox News:

I confronted him. And he was very frantic and pulled
them out and started untying them and putting them
away in his closet and asked me why I was snooping,
and I said, "I wasn't snooping. I just saw them
sticking out from under the bed". [4]

Condit made a joke of it, "Oh, oh, honey, I was just thinking about doing that with you", but she didn't believe him. [5] She got nervous and thought, "This is not the guy I know". [6] She was tying together what she had seen with a sexual fantasy that Condit often mentioned to her but she had passed off as a joke.

Condit had been urging her in one-way phone sex talk throughout their relationship to participate in sex with him and other guys, Robinson told Paul Sperry of WorldNetDaily.com. "I have a fantasy about a bunch of guys and one woman, you," Condit told her. He said it would probably make her cry. She was now convinced he was serious about his sexual fantasy and worried, "oh, my God, I could have been hurt". [7] That didn't stop them from continuing to talk daily and her suggesting they get together, but whether inadvertent or not, they were to never get together again after she confronted him about what she had seen.

Robinson goes on to suggest to Paul Sperry that Anne Marie was told not to use the bedroom closet because bondage and discipline apparatus that Condit would not want her to see might have been kept there, but it is more likely given the hair on the bathroom floors, female toiletries in the bathroom, and neighbors of Chandra who never saw her that Chandra had clothes in the bedroom closet that Condit didn't want Anne Marie to see.

How moved in was she? She had asked her landlord a couple of months earlier about breaking her lease to move in with her boyfriend, but her aunt Linda thought it might have been wishful thinking on her part since Condit was married. She later told her landlord it didn't work out. And in April, Congress was in Easter-Passover recess from April 7 to April 22, with Condit saying he had family in town the first week of April and was home for Easter recess the next two weeks, so he hadn't seen Chandra for much of April. [8] Yet her neighbors thought she had moved out and didn't see her again until the last week of April, the same time as Chandra lost her internship and Condit returned from Easter recess. If she wasn't at Condit's, where was she?

Along the same lines, how was Chandra having dreamy eyed phone calls with her secret boyfriend in Congress after he went home to Ceres for Easter recess? Was he checking his messages from California and calling her back? And why did the calls stop midway through the Easter recess, the same time as Chandra told her mother that he had explained it all? For that matter, the calls from her cell phone to his message line never did resume, even after Condit returned to Washington, according to Michael Isikoff of Newsweek. Chandra was still calling her answering machine on the phone line in her apartment to check for messages as if she were expecting them. Did she start calling him from a local untracked line, and, if so, why?

She was apparently not concerned about OC Thomas' story. As Susan Levy told Newsweek, Chandra told her, "Everything's OK. He knows everything". But from that point on everything in Chandra's life changed, and not for the better.

Her last day at the Bureau of Prisons was Monday, April 23. She had believed herself to have been abruptly dismissed the previous Friday due to a technicality concerning her graduation date. Congress was also returning from Easter recess at that time. According to Condit, the next morning after cleaning out her desk she showed up at his condo to ask for assistance in getting another job, annoyed but not distraught. [9]

Condit says he remembers offering to help her get another job but Chandra indicated to friends that he apparently did nothing to help. Friends were told,"He promised". Instead, a neighbor started hearing Chandra in her apartment again.

Condit recalls with his lawyer Abbe Lowell to Newsweek's Michael Isikoff:

NEWSWEEK: You mentioned I think the last time you
saw her was [April] 24 or 25.

CONDIT: Actually, I don’t know if it was the 24th.
That’s my understanding.

NEWSWEEK: But she came to your apartment that

CONDIT: Right.

NEWSWEEK: How did she come to come to your
apartment? How was that meeting set up?

CONDIT: Well, she knew I was there because we were
working late. I went in late that day and that’s why
I think it might have been the 24th.

NEWSWEEK: Had there been a prior-

CONDIT: I can’t recall. Maybe we talked earlier. I
would have thought she would have been at work. I
may have said I was going in late. She buzzes the
door. She comes in and then we start to talk. So
that’s basically-

NEWSWEEK: But you were expecting her?

CONDIT: No, I was surprised to see her because I
figured she’d be at work. This was the time she told
me that she had lost her prospects on the job with
the Bureau of Prisons.

NEWSWEEK: So it was a surprise visit?


NEWSWEEK: Prior to that, when was the previous

CONDIT: I can’t recall. I mean, a couple of days
before that maybe.

NEWSWEEK: At your apartment?

CONDIT: Well, no, it wouldn’t have been-because I
was gone.

ABBE LOWELL: Actually, that would have been two or
three weeks before.

CONDIT: Yeah, that’s right because I was gone most
of April and the first of April I had family in town
and so we didn’t-I did not see her. It was the first
time I’d seen her in probably three weeks. [10]
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 8:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

When did Condit return from Easter-Passover recess? He likely would have returned from California on Monday, perhaps late. He initially answered that he had probably seen Chandra a couple of days before, but his lawyer reminded him he had been in California most of April for the recess from April 7 to April 22 that year.

If he hadn't seen Chandra for weeks as he claims, when did he tell her he was working late, that is, going into the office late and being home Tuesday morning the 24th? And are we to really believe that she didn't call him Friday or Saturday or Sunday or Monday to tell him her internship had been ended?

Perhaps he wasn't checking his messages? Anne Marie claims they talked every day and that she left him messages. How could he have told Chandra he was working late and not at the same time have found out she wanted his help concerning her abruptly ended internship?

It is possible that Chandra knew he would be coming back to Washington, guessed he wouldn't be going into the office until afternoon, and just dropped by to see if he was home, and Condit was just being helpful to Newsweek in his recollections by wrongly offering that he saw her earlier or told her he would be home, but there is something artificial with this scenario, something that makes her a constituent, a mentored friend, surprising him with a visit to tell him about a lost internship, a job that didn't work out, gratefully accepting his offer of help, and going on with her life back to Modesto.

Instead, this is when a neighbor says she started hearing Chandra in her apartment again. Instead, Chandra e-mails friends that he didn't help her, that he had "promised". There is no way she didn't call him and leave messages when she lost her internship, but he would have investigators believe that he didn't know she lost it. In the zeal to not know what he must not know, he forgot that he should have known.

On Wednesday her co-workers at the BOP had a going away luncheon for her. This would be the last time Sven or anyone else from work were to speak to her. He was on his way off on a long trip, not to return till the next Tuesday, May 1.

Chandra considered her options, e-mailing friends with talk of future plans. Her mother told the Modesto Bee:

She was surprised by the job (ending), but not
devastated. She went to see the Holocaust Museum and
did some other things. She wasn't down at all. [11]

She was also surprised by something her mother said to her. Susan had learned more details about Chandra's boyfriend from Linda Zamsky; that he "sort of looked like Harrison Ford" and didn't drink alcohol. [12] Susan remembered reading in an article about their local Congressman, Gary Condit, that he didn't drink alcohol either. As the Washington Post reports:

In late April... her mother called her and asked if
the congressman she was dating was Gary Condit.

"How did you know?" Chandra replied, according to

Mother's intuition, she said.

"She told me that she couldn't say his name," Sue
says, "that I would eventually understand." [13]

Susan Levy was able to elicit a surprised "how did you know" from Chandra, but even then Chandra would not confirm that Condit was her boyfriend. Her vow to keep his secret superceded her parents concern and worry about her. Her loyalty to her man remained steadfast to the end.

There was another reason Chandra would need to return to her apartment. Carolyn Condit, the Congressman's wife, was making a rare visit. She was coming to Washington to attend the annual First Lady's Luncheon on May 2, with an invitation to serve on the luncheon's organizing committee.

Anne Marie called Condit and told him she had a few days off and could see him, but Condit told her it was not a good time, his wife was coming to town to see a doctor. In the Larry King Live interview with Anne Marie Smith, Roger Cossack indicates that Anne Marie arrived in Washington April 25 but Carolyn didn't arrive until April 28. Anne Marie tells Cossack:

Actually he called me when his wife was in town that
weekend. He called me, I believe it was Friday
night, he called me Saturday, he called me Sunday
morning, and then he called me the following week.

It appears that Anne Marie was in town Wednesday and Thursday, offering to see him, but Condit didn't call her until Friday for some reason. During these same days an interesting call was made, according to a D.C. police leak reported by Niles Lathem of the New York Post. A five minute call was made from the Condit's Ceres home to Condit's Adams Morgan condo at a time when Condit said he wasn't home. Who answered it, and what was said? Carolyn arrived in Washington just a couple of days after the call. Had her flight ticket been purchased before the call?

It is odd that Condit didn't pay for Carolyn's luncheon ticket until the following year, when they also paid for the next year's luncheon ticket. [15] Why would they pay for the 2001 luncheon a year later but pay for the 2002 luncheon in advance?

One reasonable explanation is that Carolyn Condit never planned on attending the First Lady's Luncheon, a luncheon held a few days after that phone call, a luncheon held the day after Chandra disappeared. But perhaps not paying was an oversight, an administrative error made by Condit's otherwise able staff. Surely an RSVP wasn't overlooked as well. When did Condit's wife RSVP the Congressional wives that she would be coming to Washington to attend?

The police denied published reports that Chandra confronted Carolyn in the call. Tabloid reports that speculate on who was involved, much less the contents of the call, would seem to be pure fabrication without being able to talk to one of the people in the conversation. Indeed, a conversation is only implied by the length of the call, at five to ten minutes longer than a voice mail would normally be. American Media, publisher of National Enquirer, Star, and Globe, settled a lawsuit with Carolyn Condit over this issue after initiating discovery action on the Condit's phone records. [16]

Chandra called home for the last time on Friday, April 27. "She was looking forward to coming home," her mother said. [17] "She missed being in California," she told People magazine. "She missed the weather, her friends, her car. She was looking forward to coming home and maybe staying home for a while." [18] Her parents sensed no change in her usually upbeat mood when they last spoke. "I'm not happy," she said, "but I guess that's the way it goes." [19]

But Chandra hadn't yet decided to take a train home or fly by that Friday evening for her upcoming USC graduation ceremony in two weeks. She had known about going back to California for her graduation commencement since December. She had only found out she wouldn't need to come back to her job a week ago. Taking a train couldn't have been an option until she lost her internship. Why had she not already arranged a round trip plane ticket for the May 11 graduation in LA, or had she?

The last time she returned to California, in December for her finals, Condit had supplied her flight tickets. She was so excited about that she e-mailed a friend and told her. She was expecting Condit to marry her, wouldn't she be expecting him to provide another ticket home as he had before?

In the Baltimore Sun, the Levys say:

Every day, Robert Levy, an oncologist, and his wife,
Susan, look for clues by replaying in their minds
their last conversation with her. Susan Levy wonders
why her daughter had been so fuzzy about her travel
plans home. "She wasn't giving us any details or
times exactly when she was coming in," she recalls.
"It was kind of unlike her."

In another conversation with her mother, Levy had
talked about taking Amtrak because, her mother
recalls, she liked the idea of looking out the
window as the country rolled by. [20]

There was precedent for taking an Amtrak train home. After she took the breakup with her Modesto policeman boyfriend Mark Steele so hard, her mother and her took an Amtrak train trip through the Rockies into New Mexico. The Modesto Bee quotes: "She was disappointed that the relationship didn't work out," Susan Levy said. "But we had a great time on the trip. We really bonded."

She was still undecided on Sunday when she mentioned to her landlord in San Francisco taking a train home from Washington and asked him if he had ever done it. He advised against it.

Her parents were asking her to confirm when she would be arriving as they would be picking up her grandmother as well. But Chandra may have been thinking of taking a train straight to LA to meet them there for the graduation. Checking on prices and schedule at the time, an Amtrak ticket cost $175 for a cross county trip, no matter how close to departure it was purchased.

A ticket for Los Angeles on Tuesday, May 8th, for example, would have had her in Chicago Wednesday morning, then in LA Thursday morning, May 10, the day before her graduation. The DC to LA via Chicago train left about 5pm on Tuesday evening and arrived in LA Thursday morning at 10 am. That is a day and a half. This would have been considerably cheaper and simpler for her to get to her graduation than flying to San Francisco and then later flying to LA with her family, and may have been an additional consideration in thinking about taking a train home.

As her mother sums it up for the LA Times:

Was she planning to come home by plane or train? Was
she coming home that day or another day? If she was
planning to tell us when or where, she never got the
chance. [21]
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 8:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The next day, Saturday, April 28, Carolyn Condit arrived in D.C. from California at 7:30 Saturday evening, according to Condit's timeline provided to police. About the same time, Chandra was leaving a phone message for Sven, a phone message that sounded like she wanted to talk to someone. She was inviting him to meet her in Georgetown for lunch.

She had been consulting him about forcing a confrontation with Condit over their relationship. But was there still a relationship now? Sven told Lisa DePaulo of Talk that the message she left him was plaintive. "She sounded different," he said. "The cadence of her voice was different. She had sort of an odd tone."

She then called her landlord in San Francisco a few times and sent him an e-mail, a decidely depressed e-mail telling him she has lost her job and any reason to stay in D.C. The Washington Post quotes from it:

It looks like my plans have suddenly changed. I was
just informed this week that my job appointment time
is up, so I am out of work now.

I am going back to California for my graduation
during the week of May 8 and I [sic] moving back
there for good. I haven't heard from the other jobs
that I applied for yet and I have feeling that it
will be at least a few weeks for me to hear back
from any of them.

I don't really think it would be worth it for me to
stay in D.C. now since I have no job or school to
keep me busy here. I would like to vacate the
apartment on May 5 or 6 if possible.

I really hate giving up the apartment but I think I
need to be in California for a while to figure out
what my next move is. [22]

Although she hadn't talked to Sven yet, she had already decided to move out the next weekend, May 5 or 6, and given that as a firm date to her landlord. Her graduation was May 11 and that would give her plenty of time to either fly or take a train home to figure out what her next move would be.

The landlord returned her calls the next morning but she was still sleeping or not in a mood to talk and he asked her to call him back. He hadn't heard from her by late afternoon so he called again. But something had happened that afternoon, something that changed Chandra's outlook. She now wouldn't know when she could tell her landlord she was leaving until Wednesday. Just the night before she had e-mailed him she was leaving the next weekend. Now she didn't know when she was leaving. What had changed?

Chandra's landlord thought it was odd that she would need three more days to come up with something more definite about a move out date. Her message had changed altogether. She was now not sure if she was moving back to California for good and wanted to stay in Washington. She was planning on returning after receiving her master's degree on May 11, she told her landlord. Was there now the possibility she wasn't moving out after all? What was she expecting to find out by Wednesday?

A message left for her aunt did little to answer the questions. As quoted by the Washington Post:

Hi, Linda. This is Chandra. My internship is over.
I'm planning on packing my bags in the next week or
10 days. Heading home for a while. Don't know what
I'm going to do this summer. And I really have some
big news or something important to tell. Call me...

Linda told the Associated Press: "She was upbeat and full of life. There was absolutely no indication that she was upset." But she had no idea what Chandra meant by the message.

Big news? Where did she get something important to tell Linda Zamsky on Sunday afternoon? Her FBI application status didn't change on Sunday. A renewal of the relationship with Condit? She hadn't even told Linda the relationship had ended. Important events such as a marriage or a baby? The words she uses to describe not being sure what she's going to do for the summer is not one of a woman thinking of marriage or a baby or anything else that requires preparation.

It is significant that just as she had no firm details about coming home for her parents, she was still three days away from giving her landlord a firm moveout date. Something was still very much up in the air.
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 8:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Next chapter - The Scream

Murder on a Horse Trail - Table of Contents

Big News
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