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Chapter 10. Klingle Mansion

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2005 8:56 am    Post subject: Chapter 10. Klingle Mansion Reply with quote

available from Amazon.com:

Murder On A Horse Trail: The Disappearance of Chandra Levy
by Ralph Daugherty
ISBN: 0-595-31847-9

Murder on a Horse Trail: The Disappearance of Chandra Levy also available free to read online here on www.justiceforchandra.com

Klingle Mansion
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Joined: 13 Sep 2002
Posts: 9255
Location: Jacksonville, FL

PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 7:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Klingle Mansion

The San Jose Mercury News published a partial list of the sites visited with comments from D.C. police:

This is a partial list of the Internet sites that
police say Chandra Levy visited between the hours of
9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on May 1. The Web sites
were provided to the Mercury News. Police say they
will release a complete list today.
Drudge Report
House: Agricultural Committee
Los Angeles Times
Modesto Bee
National Geographic
Rock Creek Park
Southwest Airlines
USA Today
Washington Post [1]

Rock Creek Park is on the partial list of sites provided by San Jose Mercury News. Police said that Chandra looked up a map for Klingle Mansion in Rock Creek Park that morning. Chief Ramsey told the Washington Post she looked at MapQuest maps for locations in Washington and California, including Pierce-Klingle Mansion, the park headquarters of Rock Creek Park.

The Klingle Mansion park administration building is a restored 1823 historic estate home about a mile north of Condit's condo location on Adams Mill Road. Condit's condo is about halfway between Chandra's Newport apartment on Dupont Circle and Klingle Mansion in Rock Creek Park, and Rock Creek Park runs for miles through the District of Columbia, including along Adams Mill Road.

Baskin-Robbins had a "Free Scoop Night" Wednesday special that Chandra might have been looking at to plan to visit the next day. Following is an internet posting from a Washington area skaters's group which had a prelim skate rally on Wednesday night, May 2:

Date: Wed, 02 May 2001 17:00 EDT
From: David
Subject: Fwd: Free Ice Cream

A suggestion for tonights skate:
Today is Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
(www.benjerry.com). It's also Free Scoop Night at
Baskin Robbins Ice Cream (www.baskinrobbins.com)
from 6:00pm-10:00pm. Enjoy!


Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 17:14 EDT
From: Carl

Here's an idea:

Since the free ice cream at B&J's is until 8:00 pm
and the free ice cream at B-R is from 6:00-10:00,
I'm now planning on doing tonight's skate BACKWARDS.
We can get free ice cream at the beginning of the
skate (Ben & Jerry's) in Georgetown and at the end
of the skate (Baskin-Robbins), assuming that they'll
let us in.

With a detour in the middle, we could get ice cream
about 1/3-1/2 of the way through on Connecticut Ave.

There's a Baskin-Robbins at 1410 U Street NW. We can
head there from Union Station.


Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 17:16 EDT
From: Julie

The baskin-robbins that used to be on U street is no
longer there. But there is one on connecticut just
north of calvert.


Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 17:18 EDT
From: Carl

OK, thanks for the tip. We can still stop by the
Conn. Ave. location.

------------ [2]

The Baskin-Robbins at Calvert and Connecticut is just down the street from Condit's condo apartment. Chandra told her landlord she would have a definite moveout date on Wednesday, May 2, and ice cream was her and Condit's favorite food to eat together. But Carolyn's luncheon was on May 2, and she didn't fly back to California until the next day. What information was Chandra going to have on Wednesday to tell her landlord about leaving, and where was she planning on getting it?

Greta Van Susteren makes that point with Clint Van Zandt, former FBI profiler, on CNN The Point:

VAN SUSTEREN: Are you concerned with the fact that
when she was looking at her computer she was looking
at Baskin-Robbin's and she was looking at Rock Creek
Park Mansion on Mapquest. Is that the kind of

VAN ZANDT: I tell you what, one of the questions
that I would ask the congressman is did you two ever
go for ice cream together? Did she ever talk about
it? Some people go to ice cream when they are
depressed, others like to share it with someone.

Why would she be looking at Baskin-Robbins ice cream
site on that particular day? [3]

MapQuest is mentioned by Ramsey and Greta, but it isn't on the list of websites provided by the police. Also, Rock Creek Park is not on the official website list either, but vicinity.com is on the list. vicinity.com is a pay site that links to MapBlast. MapBlast shows a better map than MapQuest, but still has no landmark reference to Klingle Mansion. However, www.justiceforchandra.com internet poster jabarn writes:

If you go to vicinity.com, link to Mapblast.com,
then link to smartpages.com from there, and type in
Rock Creek Park as a "business name" (and not
"type") you get the address 3545 Williamsburg Lane.
The map is provided by Mapquest.

I don't see any way that Chandra could look up
directions to Klingle Mansion via any internet map
tool such as Mapquest. I did find that you could
link a directory through vicinity.com that would
give you the address for Klingle Mansion, but you had
to enter "Rock Creek Park." What I was pointing out
is that the address for Klingle Mansion is also used
as the address for Rock Creek Park (since Klingle
Mansion houses the administrative offices). I don't
think Chandra was looking up directions to Klingle
Mansion, although I cannot know for sure.

I also have heard reference, but cannot confirm it,
that Chandra visited the Rock Creek Park website.
There she could have accessed a very detailed map of
the trails.

It is correct that Mapquest does not give detailed
maps regarding the trails in Rock Creek Park, only
the streets/ roads surrounding it or running through
it. [4]
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Joined: 13 Sep 2002
Posts: 9255
Location: Jacksonville, FL

PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 7:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It is significant if she was looking up a map for Rock Creek Park rather than directions to Klingle Mansion. The map is the same, the address displayed the same, but the reason for doing so unlikely to be the same.

I attempted to duplicate what Chandra did on her computer concerning Klingle Mansion. The first attempt or so to even find Klingle Mansion did not pan out. It is often referred to as Pierce-Klingle Mansion in official documentation.

I brought up MapQuest, but I couldn't see where landmarks can be typed in, such as "Klingle Mansion" or "Rock Creek Park", so a street address would have to be entered, meaning it has to be looked up. I did a search on the web, but of course Chandra would also be able to look it up in the phone book. The address is:

Rock Creek Park
Washington, DC


Klingle Mansion
3545 Williamsburg Ln Nw
Washington, DC
20008-1207, US [5]

and I entered the street address, Washington in city, and DC in state and got a map that even at the highest level of Zoom In on MaqQuest literally displays in the middle of nowhere. Though it has a Williamsburg Lane street address, the red star that marks the location is about halfway between Williamsburg Lane and Rock Creek. There are no landmark labels on the map whatsoever. The only way to know what it is a map of is to look at the address displayed above the map.

In general, the map image on the web page would display the address entered above the map, the map probably was in the browser cache, and an image viewer would display exactly what she entered to get that map. If she entered 3545 Williamsburg Ln NW, it could be for street directions to the Mansion/Park Office, or it could be a means to get a map of Rock Creek Park. This would make her just looking up a general map of Rock Creek Park, and the police misled by focusing on Klingle Mansion.

I then took a more powerful map program, Street Atlas, and zoomed in on this address. It shows an extremely detailed view of streets, including how Williamsburg Lane goes up to that address. But the address was labelled Linnean Hill rather than Klingle Mansion or Pierce-Klingle Mansion, yet another name for this building.

Using Street Atlas, I then positioned start on the 1200 block of 21st Street NW, the Newport apartment building, and the end at Klingle Mansion. It's a fairly straight shot up Connecticut Ave. to Klingle Road and into Rock Creek Park to Klingle Mansion. But at 3 miles, it's not an easy walk.

M Street NW 0.1 W
New Hampshire Ave. NW 0.4 NE
Dupont Circle NW 0.1 N
Connecticut Ave. NW 1.9 NW
Klingle Road NW 0.4 E
Porter Street NW 0.1 E
Williamsburg Lane NW 0.3 N
Trip distance 3.0 miles

But when I looked at Klingle Mansion, what did I see? Would you believe Adams Mill Road running into Klingle Road? I set start for the 2600 block of Adams Mill Road NW, Condit's condo. It's half the distance there:

Adams Mill Road NW 1.0 N
Klingle Road NW 0.3 W
Porter Street NW 0.1 E
Williamsburg Lane NW 0.3 N
Trip distance 1.4 miles

So Klingle Road is at the end of Adams Mill, where Condit lives. So much for Chandra doing some sightseeing before leaving town. Maybe after all those visits to Condit's she wondered where Adams Mill went to?

This is not a meeting place in between where Condit and Chandra lived. As you go up Connecticut Ave., well before Rock Creek Park, you pass Calvert St. which is a short distance over to Adams Mill. Condit practically lived on the corner of Adams Mill and Calvert. In other words, Condit's is on the way to Klingle Mansion and half way there from Chandra's.

You can start with these directions from Chandra's to Condit's, and then finish with Condit's to Klingle Mansion. Here are the directions from Chandra's to Condit's:

M Street NW 0.1 W
New Hampshire Ave. NW 0.4 NE
Dupont Circle NW 0.1 N
Connecticut Ave. NW 0.5 NW
Columbia Road NW 0.5 N
Adams Mill Road NW 0.2 NW
Trip distance 1.6 miles

The point is, Klingle Mansion is in a remote forested area close to Condit's apartment at the end of his street. A description of Rock Creek Park from Central Corridor:

At 1700 acres, Rock Creek Park is one of the largest
urban parks in the nation. The park runs due north
and south from the MD/DC line, between Oregon Avenue
and 16th Street, through the Zoological Park, almost
to the Potomac River. [6]

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote about Condit a few years before, mentioning that he kept a bicycle stashed in his office in Congress to take off through Rock Creek Park during lulls. An interesting thing is that Klingle Mansion and most of the park functions are closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Klingle Mansion would be closed and secluded that day of Tuesday, May 1. Aptly, Mary Jocoby of the St. Petersburg Times points out that "The park has been a dumping ground in the past for bodies".

Still, Chandra looked it up on her computer for some reason. Or was someone else looking it up for some reason? The method used to obtain the Rock Creek Park map is very interesting. An extremely sophisticated, obscure method linking through as a place of interest. Someone wanting to plant a clue would likely bring up Mapquest and somehow get a map of the park. Oops, it isn't easy. Maybe that's the only way anyone could obtain a map.

But in reality, rather than a green blob that says Rock Creek Park, they would download a detailed trail map to indicate she was going to hike on trails. Or it could simply be that Chandra had some time to kill before leaving. Instead, it wasn't time that got killed. A call was placed on the cell phone, according to police. At 1 pm she logged off her computer. Chandra was never heard from again.
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Joined: 13 Sep 2002
Posts: 9255
Location: Jacksonville, FL

PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 7:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Next chapter - Frantic

Murder on a Horse Trail - Table of Contents

Klingle Mansion
1. Stites, Roxanne and Lori Aratani. “Levy may have tracked Condit via Web the
day she disappeared.” San Jose Mercury News 19 July 2001.

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3. Van Zandt, Clint. “The FBI Profile.” Interview with Greta Van Susteren. The
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Washington Post 16 July 2001.

Lochhead, Carolyn. “A Power Broker Comes Of Age.” San Francisco Chronicle
18 Dec.1996.
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