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Chapter 15. Luray

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2005 8:53 am    Post subject: Chapter 15. Luray Reply with quote

available from Amazon.com:

Murder On A Horse Trail: The Disappearance of Chandra Levy
by Ralph Daugherty
ISBN: 0-595-31847-9

Murder on a Horse Trail: The Disappearance of Chandra Levy also available free to read online here on www.justiceforchandra.com
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 6:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


The U.S. Attorney didn't think there was probable cause for the D.C. police to search Condit's apartment, but Joleen Argentini McKay did. On Wednesday May 16 when Condit's picture made the national news concerning the disappearance of Chandra Levy, Joleen went to the FBI in San Francisco to tell them what she knew about Congressman Gary Condit. She also called the D.C. police to tell them what she knew and encouraged them to search his apartment. Who was Joleen McKay, and what did she know that the U.S. Attorney didn't want to know? Kevin Fagan of the San Francisco Chronicle chronicles it best:

A Mill Valley woman and a high-ranking member of
U.S. Rep. Gary Condit's staff have been drawn into
the swirling controversy surrounding missing intern
Chandra Levy.

The woman, Joleen Argentini McKay, walked into the
FBI's San Francisco office in May and voluntarily
admitted that she had had romantic relationships
with the congressman and his chief of staff, Mike
Dayton, according to sources close to the case.

McKay told agents that she had been involved with
Dayton in the early 1990s, and after the
relationship ended, the chief of staff introduced
her to his boss, Condit, and got her a job on his

McKay, who has since married, said she had had a
relationship with the congressman in the mid-1990s.
In 1994 she was hired by Condit to work as a staff
assistant in his Washington office. Almost
immediately, McKay was promoted to legislative
assistant. But she quit before the year was over.

When she was interviewed in May, she told
investigators that Condit had sworn his love for her
and vowed to leave his wife. The congressman made
similar promises to Levy, according to her aunt
Linda Zamsky.

McKay said she had given him a Tag Heuer watch, and
then he abruptly dumped her, the source said. [1]

According to USA Today, Joleen McKay also was given rules of secrecy to follow over their three year relationship. Joleen is also from Modesto, like Chandra, and dated Michael Dayton. After meeting Condit for dinner with Dayton, Tom Squitieri and Kevin Johnson of USA Today pick up the story:

In January 1994, Condit persuaded McKay not to take
a new job in Los Angeles and, instead, to come to
Washington and work on his staff. He provided an
airline ticket for her travel to Washington. McKay
says she stayed in Condit's apartment for most of
the eight months she lived in Washington.

She was a staff assistant from Jan. 1 through July
31, 1994,... then a legislative assistant from
August 1 to August 31..., congressional records
show. She ended the affair in August and left
Washington. She says Condit called her later in the
year after she moved to San Francisco, and their
relationship resumed until she ended it in 1996.
McKay, who is now married, was single then. [2]

Much like Chandra, she spent most of her time in Condit's apartment in Washington, was provided airfare to California, and was promised Condit would leave his wife and marry her while at the same time obeying strict rules of secrecy. January 1994 is also about the same time that OC Thomas says his daughter, an 18 year old black teenager, started having a secret relationship with Condit in Modesto, and in fact, a light colored man got her pregnant around that time as she had a mixed race child in September, 1994. Also noteworthy is that both OC Thomas and Joleen McKay said that the respective affairs with Condit ended about the same time two years later in 1996, in Jennifer Thomas' case, due to strange sexual demands, she told her father.

Did OC Thomas know something about Condit's affair with Joleen McKay and transform it in his mind to his own daughter's situation when Susan Levy poured her troubles out to him in her flower garden that day in March? Or could Condit have been running two secret mistresses in 1994 even as he was rumored to be switching Republican to help Newt Gingrich with his family values Contract With America? He was capable of it. He had two secret mistresses seven years later, at least until one of them disappeared.

Condit gave his new staff assistant mistress the nickname of Peanut, according to Vince Flammini, who was Condit's driver in California then. [3] He should know. He sat out in front of her house in San Francisco at least 25 times, he told Geraldo. She gave Condit an expensive Tag Heuer watch and Flammini also told Geraldo Condit was upset because he didn't wear watches. How upset is unknown, but they had it out right after that. Flammini told the New York Post: "He was angry because they had it out . . . He said, "Darn it, she kept my best jacket,'" Flammini said.

Condit's chief of staff Dayton ought to know something about it. He dated her. He introduced her to Condit. He worked in the office with her. He told the New York Post:

"I dated Joleen for a year," Dayton said, adding
that he doubted she had an affair with Condit.

"I am disappointed in her, especially if it's
true," he said of the affair claim. "Obviously, she
worked for us and knew Mr. Condit's a married man."

Condit, in answer to Connie Chung's questions, said:

CONDIT: It was a gift.

CHUNG: From?

CONDIT: It was a gift.

CHUNG: A woman in the office who worked in your

CONDIT: Years ago.

CHUNG: And did you have a relationship with her?

CONDIT: I did not. [5]

Amazing. Another woman with such a vivid imagination she went to the FBI as soon as she saw Condit's name involved with a missing woman. Other Condit staffers, obviously Dayton not being one of them, also hallucinated this for Michael Doyle:

"There were lots of manifestations that this was a
relationship that went beyond the purely
professional, like arguments and her running out of
the office, crying," said one former Condit staffer,
speaking on condition of anonymity.

This one-time congressional staffer vividly recalled
following the tearful woman outside after she had
rushed from Condit's Capitol Hill office.
Independently, another former Condit staffer
likewise recalled seeing the woman running from the
office in tears. The woman was "nearly
hyperventilating" in emotional distress, according
to the staffer who recalled following her and
spending about half an hour on a humid day trying to
get the woman to calm down.

"I asked her flat out and said, 'Are you having an
affair with Gary?' " the former staffer said,
recalling the discussion the two had on an outdoor
bench. "And she said, 'Oh, my god. Oh, my god' ...
and then she said, 'Yes, it's him.' "

The two staffers would subsequently talk, but
carefully. The woman confided that she was upset
because she wanted Condit to leave his wife,
according to her confidante, but Condit showed no
inclination to do so. The woman also described "lots
of rules" she had to follow to keep the relationship
secret, including a "secret telephone number she had
to call" to get in touch with Condit.

"She was constantly paranoid," the former staffer
said. "She didn't want Gary knowing that anyone else
knew." [6]

We can assume Dayton would be disappointed.
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 6:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

By Thursday morning, May 17, police had been urged to search Condit's apartment by a former top Condit aide who lived with him there but stopped from searching by the U.S. Attorney. They had to content themselves with searching in the alley and dumpster behind the Lynshire apartment building.

Had Condit become aware of Joleen McKay calling the FBI and the D.C. police, or the request for a search warrant, or the searching going on behind his apartment that morning?

Or were other pressures mounting for the silent congressman? Amy Keller and Damon Chappie of Roll Call report that the Federal Election Commission notified him that they had been investigating him:

In a May 17 letter to Olson, John Gibson, assistant
staff director for the FEC's reports analysis
division, instructed the campaign to respond to
inquiries for additional information on prior
reports by June 6.... According to FEC records,
Condit's campaign committee has been under scrutiny
by the FEC's reports analysis division over the past
several months. [7]

For some reason, Condit left the House floor after making the first vote of the day, a routine procedural vote at 10:26 that morning. He would miss the remaining three votes of the day, 11:26 pm, 12:32 pm, and 2:09 pm, the first votes he missed all year.

A statement was issued on his behalf, but he was unseen, not to reappear until the next day. As quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, the statement read:

"It is not appropriate for any of us to make any
further public comments about the facts of this case
or to speculate about a matter that is under police
investigation," Condit, 53, a six-term congressman,
said in a prepared statement.

"All of us should focus our attention on getting her
home," he said. [8]

Anne Marie Smith flew in to Washington that afternoon and turned on the tv. In the days prior to that, the world still didn't know about Condit and Chandra Levy. They were searching for a mystery boyfriend. But first Joleen McKay and now Anne Marie Smith were seeing his picture splashed up on the tv screen with Chandra. Anne Marie tells Larry King her reaction:

KING: OK, when you hear about Chandra Levy -- which
is in all the newspapers -- she is missing, and she
was a friend and worked for, knew the congressman.
Did you phone him, talk to him about it?

SMITH: I did. Well, he phoned me initially and asked
me to not call him. He said he was in trouble, he
may have to disappear for a while.

KING: Really?

SMITH: And said not to call him for a few days. So
then, a week later, I had a trip to D.C., and it was
-- I called him, I waited for like a week, and then
finally called him. And I was very concerned about
him. I didn't know any of this, we hadn't heard
about any of it on the West Coast yet. And I called
him and said, you know, I'm going to be in D.C.,
let's get together, let's have dinner, and he called
me back and he said, "I can't. I can't see you,
there is a situation, and it is..."

KING: So you didn't know the Chandra story?

SMITH: I didn't know it yet at this time. And so, I
got into D.C. and I went into my hotel room and I
turned on the news and I saw it, and I was just
shocked beyond belief. And I called him, and I said:
"What am I supposed to believe?" [9]

DEPAULO: Anne Marie, I'm curious. Did he tell you,
one of my constituents is missing?

SMITH: No, he never mentioned a word of it, and it
wasn't until I went to D.C. on the 17th of May and I
turned on the television and I heard the news that I
realized what was going on. And at that point in
time, I called him and left him a message. And I was
like, you know, you need to explain this to me. [10]

And Condit did return her call, at midnight, from a darkened payphone in Luray, Virginia, home of Luray Caverns, a scene so difficult to fathom that it is easier for the press to ignore it than to print articles worthy of a tabloid. Condit didn't tell her where he was, only that he was not in the area and couldn't meet her. She tells Larry King, Lisa DePaulo, and Cynthia Alksne about the call:

SMITH: Well, he called me back, and that was the
phone call from Luray, Virginia.


SMITH: And he called me, and he once again, you
know, made me feel good about everything. He's like:
Everything's OK with you and me. You know, I just
want to assure you that there's nothing wrong with
our relationship, but he said, I'm just dealing with
this situation. And basically, he wanted to sit down
and explain it to me, but he also said that you
wouldn't believe what they're trying to do to me.
And I don't know who these people were that he was
referring to.

DEPAULO: Did he tell you right away that he was
involved with Chandra?

SMITH: No, I asked him, and you know, I was pretty
straightforward with him. And he said no. And he
said, I can't believe you're asking me these types
of questions. And if -- if, you know, if you feel
like I had anything to do with any of this, then
you've been dealing with the wrong man.

ALKSNE: Anne Marie, did you ever travel in with him
in the areas surrounding Washington, or did you ever
have any -- you mention this one phone call from
Luray, Virginia, did you ever go to Luray, Virginia
with him or do you know what he was doing in Luray,

SMITH: I have no idea what he was doing. It was
about midnight when he called me from Luray.

ALKSNE: And this was on May...

SMITH: May 16, May 17.

ALKSNE: So this was after you learned that Chandra
had disappeared, he was in Luray, Virginia.

SMITH: Right.

ALKSNE: Did he tell you what he was doing there?

SMITH: No, he didn't. He said that he was not in the
area and he was not able to see me. [11]

Rita Cosby reported briefly that Anne Marie got the caller id number on her cell phone to know that he called from a McDonalds in Luray, Va., chronicled in the Ether Zone:

"...as has been verified by Ms. Smith's caller ID,
through phone records leaked by one in the
Washington D.C. police department, and as reported
by Fox News' Rita Cosby--a McDonald's fast-food
restaurant, 709 E Main St., Luray, VA 22835..."

The first mentions of Luray trickled out on the internet. All searches of the web and especially news sites came up empty for Luray. A Google search of newsgroups found this though:

"Fox's Rita Cosby reported last night that the
authorities traced Gary Condit's call to Anne Marie
Smith from Luray, Virginia (a known "dumping
ground" for bodies in the DC area") in front of a
McDonalds." [13]
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 6:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I tried to find out if Fox reported this. A wonderful lady named hawkeye posted that she saw the Fox newscast reporting a phone call that Condit made from a payphone at midnight from Luray, Va. two weeks after Chandra disappeared, and I insisted that information that explosive would have made headlines, yet there was no mention of it other than in the Star, despite Anne Marie Smith confirming it on Larry King Live in early August.

Rita Cosby had reported it on air on Fox one afternoon, and the story was suppressed and never mentioned again anywhere. Hawkeye had seen that news report, yet without any publication of it I implored her, how could you actually have seen that? Not one reporter and editor in the nation will even print it? It is apparently beyond belief. Even the Star only had one front cover story on it, aping the writeups on Luray already posted on internet Chandra boards by myself and others.

It was so remarkable that it was either a major story that should be headlines or it was a rumor. It's so unbelievable people think it's a hoax. How could a congressman being questioned about one missing mistress call another mistress from a darkened McDonalds payphone at midnight outside some caverns? naaaaah....

It never made it to print, and until Anne Marie filed an affadavit mentioning it the Larry King Live interview was the only source of Luray. The press has treated it as a UFO sighting, scared to take Anne Marie Smith's word over the silence of Gary Condit, who claims that Anne Marie is a publicity seeking profiteer of Chandra's death.

And our vaunted news organizations talk to each other about whether they should cover a sex scandal, completely ignoring Luray and whether they should cover a murder. Why was this not an eyebrow raising, head snapping, say what lead to a story? I know reporters want fame and glory. What is it about this story that reporters were waiting on?

They reported on neckties tied to Condit's bedposts, based on Anne Marie's say so. Why is bondage sex alright to report based on one person's story but a congressman being investigated concerning a missing intern outside some caverns at midnight not alright to report, based on the same person's say so? What's the difference? Neither one proves a thing, but the sex was reported and the midnight call wasn't. Sex sells, caverns don't? Only our free press will be able to tell you.

Anne Marie filed the affidavit in California in a request for a grand jury hearing:

8. On May 17th, Mr. Condit called me from Luray, VA,
phone # ###-###-####, on my cell phone, saying,
“There is no way I can talk with you.” “Everything
is OK between us.” I asked him if he was guilty [of
Levy’s disappearance]. Mr. Condit’s response was to
become extremely angry, asking me “how [I] could ask
[him] that.” However, Mr. Condit never said “no.”

And finally the word Luray made it into a news report, Bob Dart reporting for Cox News Service:

However, in her sworn statement, Smith said it was a

On May 17, Smith said, Condit called her from Luray,
Va., and she asked him "if he was guilty" involving
Levy's disappearance.

Condit's "response was to become extremely angry,
asking me 'how I could ask him that," Smith said.
"However, Mr. Condit never said 'no'." [15]

Many internet posters on Chandra boards thought that Condit said "I've got to disappear" from Luray, but he had said that a week earlier when he tried to shut their relationship down and break off calls between them temporarily. When he left the House floor mid-morning and went to Luray Thursday May 17, he didn't expect he would have to deal with her from there. He had asked her not to call the previous Friday, making it clear he had to go undergound, so to speak, to disappear himself, and having an auditable call to her would break silence.

Instead, she was very firm in her message about getting an explanation from him, and he had to respond to keep her quiet. This was an important callback at midnight to keep his girlfriend's loyalty. It was all about reassurance even as he stood there outside of a closed McDonalds at midnight in Luray. It is incongruous, but important. It's not "I need to disappear" from Luray, it's "I assure you nothing's wrong with our relationship, you wouldn't believe what they're doing to me, but I'm dealing with it and we're ok".

He has to keep Anne Marie on board to keep her from talking. He must keep her reassured. He must respond to her message to explain himself, yet not let her know where he is, because the alternative is to lose her loyalty and some control, enough to keep her from talking if she's alarmed at him having another girlfriend she didn't know about, a girlfriend who just happened to disappear.

She of course should have associated the disappeared girlfriend with the hair she found in his bathroom in March and her suspicion that Condit was seeing someone else, and should have called the police, but instead she tried to stay out of it, until her roommates revealed the truth of her relationship with Condit, albeit to a tabloid for money.

Out of that, however, she was able to tell the police that Condit occasionally drove her around in a five year old red Ford Fiesta. The police didn't even know that Condit had a car until Anne Marie told them. Dayton kept it for him. Did Condit drive his car to Luray that night? Why was the car kept a secret from the police?

The McDonalds closed at 11 pm, while the Amoco station next to it closed at 9 pm. He would have been very conspicuous if he had called while McDonalds was open, as the payphone is in the path of the front door, along the newsstands. He waited until McDonalds closed, the crew left, and all was dark and quiet to make his call to Anne Marie. I think the phone call from a darkened McDonalds pay phone facing a closed Amoco station parking lot says it all. This was a furtive mission. Condit is not a secret agent, but he plays one.

Condit made an appearance the next day in Washington, so he drove back from Luray sometime after midnight. It's three hours from Luray to Rock Creek Park and downtown Washington in early morning traffic, taking the route to Washington the locals would. I had taken a shot at driving to Washington from Luray the way the locals wouldn't, over the mountains and through a national forest in the summer of 2001, well before Chandra was found in Rock Creek Park.
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 6:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I took a drive into the mountains, through the George Washington National Forest of West Virginia and into Virginia and onto Skyline Drive of the Shenandoah National Park, and then into the Shenandoah River valley in between harboring the town of Luray.

I live just off US 33 in Columbus, Ohio, and found myself at US 33 again, this time in Elkton, Virginia. Interstate 64 had been cut through the mountains to enable a quick journey there. Had I followed US 33 over hill and dale, through every town on the way, large and small, I would have arrived days later. Even not that long ago, a trip to the coast required passing through Cumberland Gap, where West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania converge well northwest of Washington, DC. For the first time for me, I was able to drive east through the Appalachians as easily as in any other direction.

What I saw when I arrived in the Interstate 81 corridor on the other side of the mountains of Shenandoah National Park from DC was not encouraging for someone seeking the whereabouts of Chandra Levy, whose Congressman boyfriend had made a midnight phone call from Luray, VA outside Luray Caverns two weeks after she disappeared. The signs appeared with frightening regularity. Weyers Cave. Grand Cavern. Shenandoah Caverns. Skyline Caverns. Endless Caverns.

US 66 from DC to I-81 forms a rapid access path to the gateways to these many caverns. The gateway to Luray, Endless, Skyline, and Shenandoah Caverns is the little town of New Market. There are shops, fast foods like McDonalds, and of course pay phones, all at the exit from I-81. To venture further to the caverns is to follow VA state route 211 as it twists and turns through the village, and onward up a mountain on a modern four lane road. At 1600 feet the mountain crests and the road descends into the Shenandoah South Fork river valley, and Page County. It is another 7 miles to Luray.

Luray, and the official entrance to Luray Caverns, is on one of those business loops off of route 211. It is not a quick stop off of a busy road, nor a handy place to make a phone call. The length of Luray is traversed by Main Street, populated by the entirety of a small town and all that entails, interspersed with frequent stop lights. No, one does not end up in Luray by happenstance.

Congressman Gary Condit ended up here at midnight, May 17, to make a phone call to his other mistress, Anne Marie Smith. Anne Marie's cellular caller id showed that the call came from the McDonalds on Main St. in Luray. I looked for that McDonalds.

I saw it, started to pull in, and was stunned to see a Bobcat partially blocking the entrance. It was too eerie for words. The sidewalk and street curb in front of McDonalds had just been poured with concrete and was protected by orange cones, with a Bobcat tractor blocking off a portion of the entrance that had just been poured. I missed the entrance all together and pulled into the Amoco station next door. I needed to get gas anyway.

As I pumped my gas, I looked around and saw a drive up pay phone with an Amoco logo at the edge of the parking lot next to McDonalds. I walked over and then completely around McDonalds. There was no other drive up phone. The drive up phone is an Amoco phone.

I checked it out, but the dial tone was dead. Even putting money into it didn't bring it to life, and the coin return failed to yield my money. The phone had been sabatoged, it seems. It was labelled:

East Amoco
717 E. Main St.

The Amoco station manager said it had been working the day before, and that it wasn't owned by the station but was operated by another company. He put in a call to the management company to let them know about it. This phone would not have returned a caller id for McDonalds, anyway.

I walked back over to McDonalds and looked at their pay phone. It is on the wall between the front door and the outdoor playground, next to the Washington Post and local newsstand boxes. It is labelled:

McDonalds #4448
709 E. Main St.

There was a dial tone on this phone. I dialed home, and a recording told me to put in a dollar to connect. I did, and later when I got home my caller id said "Virginia call". It does this for some types of calls that are not fully participating in the caller id signalling, for whatever reason, but is from a fixed location versus a cellular call.

It is difficult to picture Condit standing there at midnight, leaning on a news box, and reassuring Anne Marie that all was well between them after she had left him a message earlier in the day when she arrived in DC urgently requesting an explanation for what she saw on the news about Condit and Chandra Levy. McDonalds closes at 11 pm, and the Amoco station closed at 9 pm. It would be dark and quiet in that little town at midnight. But why was he there?

The previous day the Levys had arrived and were interviewed for three hours by the DC police and FBI. Condit himself had made a public statement proclaiming Chandra Levy as "a great person and good friend". But the next morning, earlier on the day of this midnight call, USA Today later reported that the police searched the alley and dumpster behind Condit's condo. At mid-morning, after making a 10:30 am vote on the floor of the House of Representatives, aides "escorted" Condit off the floor, according to one news account. He missed three more votes that day, the first votes he missed all year, and ended up making a phone call from Luray, VA at midnight. Why would he go there after the police searched behind his condo?

There is another way to Luray from DC, the direct route of 211 branching off US 66 and going through Shenandoah National Park to Luray, rather than following US 66 to I-81 and down to New Market, then back to Luray over a mountain and across the river. It would seem to be the route to take, in fact, until I took it.

Driving to DC from Luray takes you into Shenandoah National Park after passing Jellystone Park campground. The mountain that is crossed makes the 1600 foot pass to enter Luray from New Market seem like a molehill. It is for bicyclists and people driving a red convertible with the top down on a Sunday morning, like myself, but would not be a pleasant trip at night, to say the least. The twists and turns are rugged. It is not narrow, being a well paved four lane highway, but would be treacherous driving at night. After driving for a long time to cross this mountain, I was still 74 miles from DC. I turned around and went back.

Condit had successfully given everyone, including the police, the impression he didn't have a car. However, Foxnews has reported that Smith's lawyer, Jim Robinson, said that Anne Marie told police that Condit used to drive her around in a red Ford Fiesta, about 5 years old. If it had not been for Smith telling them that, they would have not known about the car. They did search it for forensic evidence.

Condit didn't have to have an aide drive him to Luray that day, but maybe one or more were with him. Maybe they decided to retreat from the press and stay at some place like Mimslyn's Fine Food and Lodging across from the park like entrance to Luray Caverns to get away from the police digging into his personal life and the press covering the Levys on Larry King Live that night. Maybe, and maybe he didn't want a record of calling Anne Marie and went down the road and found a pay phone at McDonalds to call from.

But unless he and his aides are able to produce a record for that trip, or a recollection from staff somewhere and the bogus names used to sign in, we have to conclude that Condit drove the red Ford Fiesta to Luray that day after walking off the floor of the House of Representatives, spooked by the Levy's interview with the police and subsequent search behind his condo. What did Luray hold for him, solace and privacy from the prying police and press? And why Luray? We have seen that it is not easy to get here, and Main Street in Luray is hardly a secluded cabin on the Shenandoah River.

While caverns sound ominous, the commercial ones are like any tourist business, with entrances and employees collecting admission. The area is obviously rife with caves and national forests, but it is often difficult to find a place to hide something in an unfamiliar area without being noticed. Skyline Caverns are 20 miles from Luray on another road, with farms and woods in between. Endless Caverns are even farther away.

The Luray area is an area with ancient cabins set off from the road and along the river after passing through the dense Shenandoah National Park. It's remote, but not so remote that anyone is noticed. The caverns bring in many strangers to the area. I drove the back roads and along the river, and saw very little but old cabins.

We can only hope that Chandra is alive in one of those old cabins by the Shenandoah River.
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 6:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Next chapter - Obsessed

Murder on a Horse Trail - Table of Contents

1. Fintz, Stacy and Kevin Fagan. “Mill Valley woman says Condit aide sought
her silence: New details on watch-giver.” San Francisco Chronicle 28 July 2001.

2. Squitieri, Tom and Kevin Johnson. “Condit inquiry gets new twist.” USA
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3. Blomquist, Brian. “Who Was Condit’s Mystery Driver?” ABC. 24 July 2001.

4. “Woman Who Gave Condit Watch Dated Mike Dayton First.” New York
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6. Doyle, Michael. “Staffer romance revealed: Woman’s affair with Condit mirrors
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7. Keller, Amy and Damon Chappie. “Condit Campaign Amends FEC Forms.”
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