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What people don't understand about Climate Change

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 3:43 am    Post subject: What people don't understand about Climate Change Reply with quote

This is to address the understanding of Climate Change and the action we need to take. Let me emphasize a few points:

1. We're talking about literal survival here, not inconvenient rising seas, insects, and nasty weather, etc. The ocean will not just rise, it will lose it's ability to sustain the organisms that ground the very lifecycle of Earth. It will not be the same ocean with new ocean front property. This is life and death for mankind. This is danced around as too much for people to grasp and deal with. But the cutesy gee the ocean will raise a couple of feet is laughed at.

2. There is too much emphasis on inconvenient forms of carbon in form of methane from livestock, cement, etc. The problem is the never before released carbon from burning fossil fuels. Rotation of existing carbon as methane is a red herring. A combination of not releasing new carbon from fossil fuels (coal, gas, shale, etc.) and some expensive capturing of carbon in the air and resealing it underground is required to keep the giant glaciers and permafrost from melting. That's it. Anything else is noise and niceties.

3. A carbon tax enforced in all aspects of US trade, import, production, export, consumption, etc. (i.e. no loopholes) needs to be in place to discourage use of carbon, to save our world and our future, and transition to non-carbon energy. Every penny of carbon tax needs to go to pay for solar and wind production and storage technologies to draw from. Taxing fossil fuel energy use and then using it to subsidize usage of it is not a solution as a general course. Energy will likely raise cost of living and life will not be as convenient. But it will be life. There will also be massive industrial activity out of this investment that will help increase lower level income.

4. We will need to perform very expensive recapturing of existing carbon in the air and extract it, and every bit of fossil fuels we burn adds to what we need to extract. Can't sugar coat it. We are past the impose some costs and let the market lead to clean energy and all will be well stage. We are past 400ppm carbon in atmosphere now. Additional large investments need to go into mass transportation along with carbon capture and non-carbon energy production. We actually need a virtual Project Manhattan to go into a wartime production like we did in WWII. It was life and death then, it's life and death now. The glaciers have already started melting. Massive water capture kept out of circulation will also be needed as things get desperate.

We need to go into more depth as to how the melting glaciers will change the ocean so that it no longer is the sustainer of life that it is. That is what must be understood about Climate Change. Our very existence depends on our understanding of what is transpiring.

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