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Blowup of Jennifer Kesse person of interest / suspect
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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 10:37 pm    Post subject: Blowup of Jennifer Kesse person of interest / suspect Reply with quote

update April 2018 - These are large images. They display in the browser just fine but you have to scroll around to see all of it.
They might be better viewed and worked with in image software. I used the low cost Paint Shop Pro to do this work. Any image
software will do. You can work with it like a map making it smaller and larger to get your bearings and then gradually increase
to full size and focus on areas of interest. I also have most areas of interest isolated to separate clips.

my original post in 2007:

I just recently spent several nights analyzing the Jennifer Kesse suspect photos released by police last year. I believe the suspect
is wearing a bike patrol uniform with a leg holstered taser and deputy shaped shoulder patch, and his face can be seen in the
third photo where he has turned his head back. You can see his face with helmet, sunglasses, and chin strap.

I know this information is hard to believe but take a look for yourself. Everything that I have identified is very clearly seen,
the details in fact amazing. I of course contacted authorities as soon as I figured out what I had found.

If you can identify any of this equipment or uniform, please contact the Orlando police and let them know. Or call a tip in to the
number the Kesses have put up at http://www.findjenniferkesse.com/ Thanks for taking a look and caring.

Ralph Daugherty

Also at bottom of page see Road Trip to Huntington on the Green Report for my trip report to the crime scene and also my analysis
Some Fundamentals of the Images that Mislead Observers.

Comments are welcome and can be posted in the Jennifer Kesse, 24, missing from Orlando thread.

A new thread Jennifer Kesse POI photo analysis links has also been added for links and analysis to identify the uniform and
equipment this suspect is wearing. Comments can be posted or emailed to me at ralph@ee.net. Thanks.

click to read the online true crime mystery novel Murder on a Horse Trail: The Disappearance of Chandra Levy

www.justiceforchandra.com home page

original stills 1 and 2 of suspect walking past gate

blowup of POI /suspect image 1

blowup of POI /suspect image 2

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PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2007 8:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

In the blown-up photo it looks as if he's wearing a bicycle helmet.

[admin update January 2017]

I found a good match of the Jennifer Kesse POI bike helmet. If not it, it is very very close.

It's a Rudy Project bike helmet. Included are some police logoed helmets. A plus is that the neck strap could be the ring around the neck.

"There is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known."
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PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2007 1:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Joined: 13 Sep 2002
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PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2007 2:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

third still with suspect's face similar to Kelsey Smith suspect with sunglasses and goatee
and darkened image highlighting sheriff's deputy badge shoulder patch

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2007 7:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


The only flaw that I see in the "bike messenger" theory is that the bikers have to have their radios with them at all times.

A friend of mine had a messenger service and most of his staff delivered with cars or trucks. In summer, they did have some bikers- but all of the staff had to have their radio with them at all times.

If this person is a bike messenger, where is the radio?

rd, good work, as always, with the blowup.

Tattoo on the neck?

You're right, the hair does look like a bun- only thing is- the long strides look more like those of a man?

Wish we could read more on that logo-

Thanks for the technology!



I still believe that the crime had to do with:

*Her work
*The people that her brother had to her condo the weekend prior to her
going missing.
A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves
French philosopher Bertrand de Jouvenel (1903-1987)
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2007 10:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

bike messenger

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 09, 2007 1:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pulled up the pic today- and I see what you mean- the shape of the badge- although it could also be the base of a guitar?

Seems like you have a handle on it, rd!

Good work!

A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves
French philosopher Bertrand de Jouvenel (1903-1987)
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2007 2:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Normal and blownup date time stamp from a photo for comparison

Responding to various comments through years that images are overly enlarged and not good quality so it is hard to tell what you
are seeing.

Well several things. First we have what the police have. They are stills from the surveillance camera and they are what they are.
Granted the police gave up but I didn't.

Secondly the reaction is very typical of most people and I understand it. I worked for months on these images and part of that was
blogging post after post about my efforts and findings. In it I describe in extreme detail the various resolutions, screen sizes, type of
screen, etc. that I dealt with to try to get different looks from the image enhancements.

Thirdly, months of work (evening and weekend hours as I could spare) involved permutation after permutation of enlargement,
brightness, and contrast adjustments. The work was done at what is now considered very low resolution, 1024 x 768 on a 19" glass
monitor. That is very little data spread out over a wide area. Basically every pixel meant something. There weren't that many to
begin with. But what the eye can't see close together can see when enlarged and spread out. Of course everyone knows what a
magnifying glass is and how it is used to see what you can't see without it, and this is same thing, but digitally I learned this lesson
back in the day when I was writing scanner drivers for the preeminent DOS paint product in the beginning, ZSoft PC Paintbrush. I
also wrote some pixel enhancement programs, so I spent a great deal of time dealing with smallest detail of images.

Anyway one day I was working on a scanner, might have been Ricoh or HP or who knows, we wrote a driver for every one, but I scanned
in some text and it was small and unreadable, not even squinty readable. I was working on an enlargement feature, I don't remember
the details, and blew it up and lo and behold it was crystal clear text. I never would have guessed you could enlarge things and make
them so clear to see. So that stuck with me, although I had no use for it until we had these images where there isn't much discernable

Now as an example, because this has been said by many with what little feedback I received, I posted above a part of the still that
was recognizable, the time stamp, and I blew it up by the same dimensions on other portions of the image. And it's posted as a
reference. If enlargement blurred the result into something unrecognizable or introduced phantom images (a perfect back of a bike
helmet or a perfect outline of a tie down thigh holster, phantom? please) then you would look at the enlarged time stamp and go, you
know what, it's overly enlarged and I can't read the numbers, and oh by the way there's a phantom badge in there too. But no, you
can read the time stamp perfectly well and the image is just larger.

Now why did I enlarge the sizes that I did of various adjustments of contrast and brightness? It's a lengthy trial and error effort. You
have to start with the original again each time of course, once altered any further alteration is debilitating, but you try and focused only
on a square inch or two of an image and you say is that bringing out more detail than my last attempt? Or did I just push it beyond what
it has and it's blurry? And you do that over and over and over. That's how I found this stuff in three stills. Police aren't going to do this and
I doubt anyone on a government paycheck is going to be given the time to do it. That leaves me.

Now I understand this will be difficult for many people, I had to buy a surplus 19" CRT off of eBay because mine broke years ago and
these dang LCD things are next to worthless. But what am I gonna do? They don't even make real monitors like that anymore so while
it was certainly needed by me to find this stuff it may or may not be seen clearly enough by others to deal with it. I did experiment with
my big screen tv several years ago and showed the enlarged bike helmet image on it and the outline was crystal clear, unmistakeable back
of bike helmet. But that was an outline thing and I'm not sure how the rest of everything else would show on it. The thigh holster is also
an outline thing and is just as unmistakeably crytal clear.

People talk about enlarged and blurry. I am telling you that the strap from the holster up to the belt has a bevelled connector that is
literally awesome to look at. I mean you can see every edge of the bevelling. It's just something that's hard to explain to people that
see a bunch of dark shadows and go oh that's blurry. But that's what that 19" CRT can do. That image is enlarged so big that the holster
takes up the entire 19" screen.

That's why it's enlarged to that size. It was for me to discover stuff. I don't know what the rest of the world's devices can do with it, but it
was magical discovering the secrets hidden in those POI stills.

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Joined: 13 Sep 2002
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2008 4:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Responding to: "I do see the helmet. I do see the keys or object on his side. I don't see where the chin strap is though, but once again,
that is my mind's eye that doesn't recognize it. Thank you"

I wrote this about the helmet many years ago: "The profile is amazingly clear in still 2. With that drop down, double hump, and zig zagging
pattern on the back down from there, I would not be surprised if it could be identified as a specific make and model bike helmet."

I am currently taking a look at the images on my normal PC setup. The display is one of those normal elongated LCD monitors. I once
asked years ago when the screens stopped being square why they were all elongated. The salesman (yes, this was when there were still
stores and salesmen and you talked to them) said it was so you could watch movies. I said why would I want to watch movies on my
PC screen? I want a PC screen, not a movie screen. Well, I have a movie screen because apparently everyone watches movies on their PC.

Anyway, I have a typical LCD screen and I took a look at resolution and it wasn't bad, something like 1366x768. With the wider screen that's
what will have to do for 1024x678. But the image outline like for helmet is blurrier than I worked with on CRT. The outline is clear enough,
no doubt, but for example from the black helmet out there are dark gray blocks and then another layer out slightly lighter gray blocks and
so on. It extends out about four layers. I'll take a look with an image product, I use Paint Shop Pro (very low cost and old software but
I did all my work with this.) Pretty much the same, so this looks to be an LCD effect to me. For example with this I can't see the different
shade of helmet over the hair. So that's a shame because it's much sharper and realistic when you can see the various textures and
sharpness of edges. You wouldn't be able to identify a specific bike helmet and model displayed on this.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 6:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Road Trip to Huntington on the Green Report
June 25, 2007

I made a trip to Orlando to look at the crime scene. I had a number of observations, I'll try to get them all in here.

When taking the Conroy Road exit off of I-4, it meanders through blocks or islands of stores on the way past the Mall of Millenia.
Just past the stores is the Mosaic. It is an extremely stately looking complex, surrounded by woods. Just beautiful.

Two thoughts I had were that any comments on Jennifer living in a high crime area is just totally off base. The mall and then the
Mosaic are just absolutely beautiful and upscale. I can see why she was proud of her condo.

The second is that of parking a mile away down Conroy and walking back to the Mosaic. Anyone who just wanted to park the
car somewhere away from the Mosaic to walk back would park in the many nearby parking spaces for numerous stores.

Around Conroy it is not one big mall parking lot that is empty at night and would quickly reveal an abandoned car overnight in
the acres of lot as one sees with many malls. There are many nooks and crannies to park a car all around Conroy before you get
to the Mosaic.

I did not try to enter the Mosaic or stop and walk around it. I took a look as I drove by. There is a thick strip of woods that encircle
it and come right out to the street. Given the Florida marshy, swampy terrain, it did not look easy to walk through.

I drove on down looking for Texas Ave. Conroy changes name to Americana along the way. It's an unusual road and intersection
to me. The area is densely populated with one apartment complex after another running down the roads, and the roads are large
enough that for example there are turn lanes at Americana and Texas.

Yet the roads have a quiet, suburban quality to them as well. For example, there is no sidewalk on the Huntington apartments
side of Texas Ave. Across Texas is a strip shopping center, I don't know if any sidewalk goes down Texas on the other side from there.

Turning onto Texas from Americana, I see the entrance to the Huntington on the Green apartments. I turn in and immediately
recognize the gate, the pool, and the building with surveillance camera. I turn immediately to the left and park by the car in the picture,
just beyond the gate.

The pool is full of playing children, I don't want to disturb anyone as I look at the gate and surveillance camera beyond. It is set in a
wooden vent of a raised roof over a one story building. I don't see how it could be more than twenty feet high.

I walk around the pool fence, in the opposite direction of the suspect who walked around toward the gate. I am looking for a secluded
spot where the suspect would be parking the car out of sight, but this is the main entrance to the apartments. It is anything but secluded.

There were some adults around, keeping an eye on things. I was clearly not the first person who came in looking it over, and I was eyed
both warily and wearily. But I asked one lady from a distance who was near her car where Jennifer Kesse's car had been parked. She
pointed back at the pool and said first or second spot.

I was stunned.

Not only was it not secluded, it was literally the first spot on the main entrance to park as you turn into the Huntington Apartments,
immediately past the pool. There were plenty of other quieter branches off the main entrance to park such as further beyond where I

The only reason it wouldn't have been parked in the first spot is that it literally would block the sidewalk for people trying to go into
and out of the apartment building next to the pool. The second spot is basically still as busy as you get.

Even more stunning, the car was parked directly in front of the surveillance camera on the other end of the pool building. It
was aimed directly at the car. You literally couldn't park in a less secluded spot in the apartments.

Which brings us to the "parking carefully" so as not to be noticed analysis, where the car was said to have been parked once,
backed out, then parked again, the analysis being the car was being attempted to be parked perfectly within the lines so as not to
draw attention.

One look told me this guy was parking the closest, quickest spot to dump the car as soon as he pulled into the complex. So why
did he back out and repark? Unfamiliarity with Jennifer's car.

Cars have different turning radius, and some vary greatly as to how sharply they turn into a parking spot. Park a different car than
the one you're used to, and you may well practically pull in sideways. While he certainly wan't trying to hide it, he couldn't leave it
across two parking spots blocking a sidewalk either.

I then walked back as he did around the pool past the gate on the other side. I looked at the gate and surrounding area. There is a
palm tree next to the gate. I estimate it to be 7' tall.

In the third still, he is standing just beyond the palm tree. I estimate him to be at least average height, probably more like 5'11".
How the police could estimate him to be between 5'3" and 5'5" is beyond comprehension.

Had they known he was wearing a stun gun thigh holster and county sheriff shoulder patches, I doubt they would have.

In my previous analysis, it looked to me like he had turned as he got past the gate to the palm tree, and was looking back in the
direction he had just come.

However, as I retraced the steps, what he is doing is looking back to his right across the pool to the car he just parked. So the shoulder
patch in photo one and photo three is on the same right shoulder.

I still don't know about the dark area on his chin. It looks lile a chin strap, I expect a chin strap with the rest of his bike patrol
uniform, but the headgear possibly looked more like a beret than a helmet. I also don't see the side straps from the chin up to
the helmet, but they could be hidden at that angle. And it could be a goatee. I wouldn't normally expect a goatee to be permissible
on a regular duty deputy sheriff, but this could be an imposter.

Some have posted he was taking a shortcut back to the Mosaic, albeit the Mosaic was a mile away. In actuality, he walked in the
opposite direction of the Mosaic, toward Texas and then up along Texas in the apartment parking lot, again there was no sidewalk to
get the several yards to Americana.

I have always said the obvious reason to park at the Huntington is to enable getting home easily without the car being linked close
to your home, and it was likely that meant it was convenient to catch a bus there in surroundings he was very familiar with.

And in fact, there is a large bus stop catty corner from the Huntington, with a shelter and seat to catch a bus down Americana to
Orange Blossom and on down, for example to the closest FedEx Kinkos where Jennifer possibly considered going to overnight her
brother's friend's cell phone back to him.

I then drove on down that route myself, down Orange Blossom and saw the FedEx Kinkos, but didn't stop. Did Jennifer make it this
far? Did she even make it to her car?

We don't know, but we know a lot about who parked her car a few hours later. The question is, was it a regulation Taser stun gun in
his holster whose use is automatically recorded, and which use for Orange County deputy sheriffs is being investigated in the first and
most intensive investigation of its kind ever.

Or is the stun gun part of someone's make believe law enforcement uniform, who uses it to attack and overpower women he stops.
If it is, its use isn't recorded by anyone.

Whether rogue cop or imposter, I have a hard time picturing a bike patrol officer with a holstered stun gun walking down Conroy-
Americana back to the Mosaic, or catching a bus.

They could also be walking just a short distance down Texas or Americana to their nearby apartment. But where they were
that morning to decide to murder Jennifer is just as murky.

But as with Kelsey Smith, these men exist, murky as their minds and motives must be.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've been working with another computer I got for web serving, but it also has something useful for Jennifer's case; a different
graphics chipset and a different monitor, this one a 17" LCD flatpanel.

I took the opportunity to examine the suspect blowup photos agan closely, and as usual spent way too much time on the
internet trying to find matches to features I see in the photos.

These are some conclusions I drew:

- The bike helmet can be seen in photo two to have the notch, or double hump, at the back of the helmet that is seen in marketing
photos of bike helmets, including the pictures below:

- The ring around the suspect's neck is about the size and
shape of a bike helmet strap around his neck.

- The shape of the shoulder patch as seen in photo one is similar to the Orange County Sheriff's Department, slightly dipping
at the top up to high corners, then sweeping smoothly down the sides to a narrowed bottom.

- I now feel that the suspect has turned his body at the palm tree and not just his head as he looks back across the pool at
Jennifer's car he just parked.

That places the traditional deputy sheriff / DoD shaped badge on his right chest. The combination of shoulder patch and
badge shapes is not worn by any public law enforcement in the Orange County area as far as I know. I think a DoD contract
security person or a private security firm could match up with those shapes, but I haven't found pictures of potential DoD
personnel to rule that in or out. And of course it could be and probably is surplus that an imposter is wearing anyway.

- I finally found a good match for the object on the suspect's back, what appeared to me to be a belt clip of some type. They
resemble slingbuckles on a tactical sling. Here are pictures:

- I've only mentioned briefly the sizable nut shaped object on the side of the suspect's pants just above the knee and toward the
back. I found a couple of hardware pictures that resemble it:

Looks to me like it has something to do with the baton shaped object above it, but I don't know what it would be doing down there.

- The holster definitely appears to be drop leg strapped to his thigh, similar to:

This is a very unique combination of equipment and uniform. Maybe so unique it was put together by a law enforcement imposter.
But being able to identify it and where it comes from is a big start to finding Jennifer.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for all that work, rd! It must be REALLY frustrating for Jennifer's family that the
security footage hasn't helped in an arrest yet. You would think the police could come up
with a 'wanted' poster based on the security footage. It didn't take long for Kelsey
Smith's murderer/abductor to be found and likewise in the Carla Brucia case. So it
seems unacceptable that a person caught on surveillance tape parking Jennifer
Kesse's car shortly after her abduction still does not have a detailed description
and 'wanted' poster. Instead we have the police underestimating the suspect's
height and confused over the colour of clothing worn - that tape has to be their prime
piece of evidence, yet nothing much has come from it so far.
"There is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known."
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2008 12:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Responding to feedback:
Over time, I've look at those pics on a CRT, LCD, LED, and now oled. I'm not disputing that you're not seeing the tactical gear, I see
them myself, I'm of the opinion that what we're seeing is manufactured from the awful video feed. There is a clear shot of POI wearing
glasses, but those badges are too large, I think they are created by the feed. There is an illusion that POI is carrying something by a
strap in the left hand, but there are perpendicular lines in the feed that can create that strap. Once I start looking at the image surrounding
the POI, I start to see a familiar pattern of pixelization which disrupts the POI. The black ring on the neck I believe to be from the feed,
unless the POI has a necklace/rosary tattoo there is no other explanation. It's just unfortunate LEO waited so long to release the video,
or didn't attempt to recreate the POI by using the same equipment and wearing various outfits with multiple people.

That's an excellent take on it and thanks for the feedback. Note that while there are serious vertical and horizontal streaks they do not
form anything themselves. They do distract from what's in the image. Manufactured from the feed is another way of saying that
interference or streaks if you will form the illusion of tactical gear. Certainly I dealt with this in a number of ways.

I looked at the same area in image 1 and 2 and looked for anything out of place in the other image. I found nothing suggestive of anything
anywhere in the same spot in the other image (for example, near gate latch in image 1), or for that matter, anything suggestive of any
non-law enforcement anywhere in the three images.

If these are random artifacts, note that the artifacts are that of law enforcement in expected positions on the body. Note that there
are no random artifacts of anything anywhere else in the three images. At what point can one say that law enforcement artifacts at expected
places in the images aren't random visual artifacts? This isn't even blurry. If anything, it is exceedingly sharp. I am amazed at the detail
of the bevelled connector between holster and belt when I first looked at it on a 19" CRT monitor. I was stunned.

Now I have focused on the holster because it is so clear, with the belt webbing, thigh straps, etc. But there is some connector type
equipment hanging over his back, possibly supporting the circular object behind him at same level of holster. The bike helmet has a
stunning precision in its outline, blown up on a big screen tv it is perfect.

There are many problems due to the slow lapse of the camera and a moving object, and clearly to me the image is contorted as it
goes out from center (large shoes, car in background, etc.) but there is an image in the shape of law enforcement shoulder patch hovering
where his shoulder is, there is a badge in image 3 in shape of police / DoD badge, there is his face in image 3 which looks like wearing
strapped helmet.

The circle around his neck believe it or not is in all 3 images! It looks very much the same in images 1 and 2, and there is a distinct circle
around his neck in image 3. People can say what they want about shadows and manufactured feeds, but this is a moving person
that has a distinct bruisey type circle around his neck, not sharp like the thigh straps but somewhat firm in makeup. We may not know
for sure what it is, but random manufactured visual artifacts do not have that firmness and consistency across multiple images.

I understand the size and position of the shoulder patch is not proportional, and I wouldn't ask anyone to believe that this POI
was dressed as law enforcement on that alone, but it's a swinging arm in a time lapse lens distorted image, and not something that's static
and clear. But it's yet another law enforcement artifact in images full of them. And not a non-law enforcement artifact to be found.

What is interesting is that there is no reason to think this is anything but someone dressed as law enforcement. There is no reason to
believe that this is the actual murderer, this could be someone who moved the car for any number of reasons. The Orlando Police believed
this to be a short gang banger type, i.e. Latino, for among other reasons believing that this person is striding in a fashion of arm held back
and straight down, a distinctive minority gangster trait. Yet that straight down arm is an illusion. There is no hand at the end, it is a perfectly
cylindrical object, and starts at belt level.

That and the infrared surveillance camera in daylight washing out the clothes creates an impression of a POI in a white T-shirt. If you
want imaginary artifacts, there's one for you. But unfortunately it was the Orlando Police seeing imaginary things. And the public has been
misserved in the Jennifer Kesse case.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Site member J4J took these shots looking back from the gate to the camera that took the stills. The third picture is looking back
as the suspect did from the gate across the pool to where he parked Jennifer's car. It was parked where the white van is.

See the thread Jennifer Kesse POI photo analysis links for more analysis and discussion.

I'm wondering if it was the spot numbered 2 or the spot numbered 3?
(credit to Truth Prevails for additional images)

Jennifer's car was parked in spot #3. #2 is on the access / parking lane running along Texas. POI pulled into entrance off Texas
(Huntington Green Ct.), passed the lane with #2 on it, passed the pool, and pulled into #3 spot. He then walked back around the pool
and gate across from the white car above #2.

Note the white cement ramp across from white car above #2. That's the gate where POI was caught on camera. The car in the image
stills was parked in either #2 or the spot below it, it was not directly behind the POI as you look through the gate.

POI was walking in lane running along Texas basically toward corner of Texas and Americana. At that point he could turn right and walk
along Americana toward Mosaic as many people believe. But normally a person would walk right up the sidewalk from where he parked to
Americana (not visible in picture, on left edge running along the apartment buildings) or more likely walk on out Huntington Green Ct. and
eventually get to Americana on other side of complex.

Yet he backtracked around the pool and at that corner of green hedges and lane by the gate, he stopped behind a palm tree and looked
back across the pool at #3. That's what is in image 3.

J4J's picture through the gate at #3 gives a feel for that.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2009 11:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Some fundamentals of the images that mislead observers

- Washed out colors

People look at the images and see light colored clothes, what looks to me like a white tshirt and khaki pants, although the
vast majority of comments I've read are about a painter or cook.

Early on the Orlando police were at the scene and looked at the camera and were quoted:

At first, police thought he was wearing light-colored clothing. But then crime scene investigators working with the
surveillance camera noticed their own dark uniforms also appeared light.

"That kind of concerned them and they started looking a bit more at that camera," explained Sgt. Barbara Jones, Orlando
Police Department."

Dark police uniforms appeared light. This is significant when the POI is equipped as a law enforcement officer. But pointing out
that the Orlando police found their own uniforms to appear light in the camera has done very little good over the years.
People still talk about painters and light colored clothes.

So I decided to do some more research on this. I was willing years ago to buy a model of the surveillance camera and conduct
tests if I was able to determine the model of camera and the settings, but I never did see that info. And ten years have passed.
But I did next best thing and googled.

I don't know the camera make model and settings, but I know it was an outdoor 24 hour surveillance camera and therefore
needed to be able to record in low light conditions at night. I googled those conditions.

What I found is that low light recording uses infrared (IR) light, invisible to human eye. And cameras block infrared during daylight
or else, guess what, colors are washed out.

Now either this camera had no infrared block filter for daylight or the physical switch mechanism didn't work, but it appears
this 24 hour camera was receiving IR light that washed out the image. The images are black and white and colors show as
gray but we talk about washing out colors, or washing out the image.

I googled some more on that and found this very illustrative side by side comparison, don't want to bring undue attention to the
poster but this is exactly what I was looking for:

Note that all colors are washed out, the clothes washed out light. In fact, there is a dark sweater that I can't even make out in a
normal color image against the background, but the IR washing out the colors shows the perfect image of the draped sweater
over the chair. While that's a side note, the point here is that look how dark clothing (law enforcement uniform) appears light.
That is not a painter's overall, that is dark clothing washed out by infrared light, in this example a surveillance camera that has
no block for infrared. That was the point of the comparison, and very helpful to us.

Lastly, google those conditions (IR washed out colors), you will see a page with this image, and further down the page you will
see a similar comparison to an outdoor shot of trees, bushes, etc. Note the washed out colors of the foliage. Now take a look
at the POI images. (They are the first two images at top of page, or view whereever you look at them.) Note the top of the hedges
and the palm tree. They are washed out in the same manner as the IR wash out image of foliage displayed on that page.

While the images give us important clues, they are not true shades of black and white images. Consider the dark clothing over
that chair as law enforcement uniform on this POI, and let's continue this analysis.

- Time lapse

Based on image time stamps and distance covered by poi between each image, this looks to be about 1 frame per second.
From my research several years ago, movement can blur during the time lapse. One oddity I found was a hand in still 1 clenching
a small object but the hand is set back further from the body than looks natural. I also believe there's some blurring of a shoulder
patch in that same still. These are not instant snapshots.

- Distortion

The clown shoes were the first giveaway. But the whole lower half of the poi's body is out of proportion to upper half. The
focus if you will or enlargement distortion starts just below the gate lock. The poi's duty belt can be seen through the lock but it's
difficult to accept as his waist due to the distorted lower body. I believe this is also seen in still 3 where poi is standing partially
behind tree and police/dod badge on chest is blown up out of proportion.

- Height of poi

Due to distortion the height of poi has been grossly underestimated. In still 3 the poi is standing next to a tree. I stood next to
that tree and that tree isn't short enough for poi to be 5'4 or whatever. There has been much discussion and I think everyone
but Orlando police believe poi is about medium hight, 5'9 to 5'11. The height I believe they got from their spokeswoman who
they placed out there and said yeah, that's about right. Also, some people say FBI determined this, they did not, they confirmed
that Orlando police description of what they did was valid.

- POI Back hump

Due to some combination of movement blurring and focus distortion, the poi's back appears to be unnaturally large, as in a hump.
While there is clearly some strap / connector / webbing gear on back possibly supporting a vertical tubular bag which I have
tried to place as a baton or flashlight previously, again I believe the image of the back is not directly proportional but is distorted.

- Ring around neck and black on poi's chin in still 3

I recently saw a picture in the news of a swat type policeman with strap on chin and straps going around neck as I thought was
indicated in poi image. But the poi had a back of helmet that is like a bike helmet, not a military type helmet. And I came to the
conclusion these are mutually incompatible. Every bike helmet is strap under chin and straps run up to the helmet. The dark
spot on the poi's chin in still 3 I now believe to be one of a pattern of dark spots in the image on a vertical row that just happens
to be placed over his face. The ring around his neck with white area seen between the ring and his hair (and what looks to be a
snap connector of some sort on back of his neck) I could only guess at, previously I have said I thought it was part of his chin
strap but couldn't find anything that looked like it with bike helmets. It doesn't point toward or away from anything at this point
and most people attribute to shadows.

- POI's "arm"

At a glance it looks like the poi is marching or a gangbanger walking with arm extended back and down, which helped support
the short Latino gangbanger with a do thing the police seemed to have settled on early on because well, it's pretty convenient
and who has time to examine images in depth anyway. However, the "arm" is an optical illusion. It is actually the vertical bag
hanging from some strapping gear on his back. Looking carefully at the bag, or what I have previously thought might be a baton
or flashlight, the tube is perfectly cylindrical with no texture and nothing on the end where a hand would be. His holster is empty,
I believe his hands are in front of him and he is dealing with his taser or weapon based on the out of position hand grasping a
weapon size object in still 1, but that's just a guess. There's actually a straight black line between the bag and strapping gear
above it and this makes it look like a short sleeve shirt and arm extended way back and straight down. A lot of bias from illusion
then is applied to what the poi is. What should be applied is that the poi has a strap down holster and is carrying some gear of
some kind, has some law enforcement type insignia seen, enough so that this is someone dressed as armed security.

That sums up the misleading aspects of the images. I will next sum up what's found but has characteristics that I can't match to
a picture of equipment.

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